Jason + Sarah | Engagements

I had the honor of shooting this beautiful and inspiring couple in my home a few weeks ago! We took complete advantage of my roommates creative and minimalist decorating and made a beautiful at-home session in my apartment. jasonsarah-1jasonsarah-6jasonsarah-8jasonsarah-11jasonsarah-14jasonsarah-22jasonsarah-31jasonsarah-40jasonsarah-54jasonsarah-60jasonsarah-64jasonsarah-67jasonsarah-71jasonsarah-83jasonsarah-94jasonsarah-106jasonsarah-110jasonsarah-125jasonsarah-136jasonsarah-145jasonsarah-223jasonsarah-229jasonsarah-240jasonsarah-243jasonsarah-263jasonsarah-276jasonsarah-295jasonsarah-314

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